You need to grow emocionalnoe readiness

Most parents believe that the critical skills that children need to start learning in school is the ability to read, count, how to hold a pen, it’s good to answer questions and the like. That is, in the first place brought those skills that indicate the development of cognitive sphere of the child. However, if you do not pay enough attention emocionalnoe and social readiness of the child, it is, in the long term, will significantly worsen its success and the pleasure of visiting the school.

When the child goes to school is a big change in his life and in the lives of parents. Parents experiencing mixed feelings – happy about the fact that the child has grown up and moved on to the next stage of their lives and some sad by the fact that children become independent, bolega.

You need to grow emocionalnoe readiness:

Pre-visit the school with your child and ask them to show you those locations that will be important for the independent existence of your child – toilet, dining room, dressing room. You may want to explore the classrooms, auditorium and the like. But remember that for confidence the child should be familiar with those places, which will be an integral part of the learning process.
If possible, meet with the teacher and support the child in his communications with him (a greeting, a small introduction). We should not take this meeting as an obligatory opportunity to show off all the skills your child (music, art, cognitive development, etc.) – teachers will have the opportunity to evaluate it. Let your child, if possible, simply talk about their preferences, Hobbies, that interests him. Ask a question about the routine of the school day.
If allowed, walk with the child in the classroom, go to class, view desks, school Board. You may be able to take a picture and then you will be at home to show their child to remind her about school at home.
Take textbooks in the library and read during the summer holidays, explaining to the child the basics of objects, using them as a starting point for conversation. The main purpose of this is to deny the child’s fear that he will not know will not be ready for school workload.
Visit school fairs and stores to purchase needed items for the elementary school forms, stationery, funds for lunch boxes and the like. Be sure to listen to the wishes of the child, let her choose what she likes. Make this an interesting adventure.

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