The runners enter the cup. Hardest task: Where to get money for the season?

“We feel that funding is not what we deserve,” says Aleš Krýzl, chairman of the Alpine discipline division.

The flow of state money flows primarily to the youth. “On the other hand, the contributions are very limited for the state representation,” Krýzl points out. “Adult category is the most expensive. Who wants to be in the Top 30 World, there is a season around two million crowns per person per year. “Krýzl points out that the skiers can not travel to representative events in six people by a minibus such as jumpers. “Transport is more complicated and expensive for us, because each competitor carries 30 pairs of skis, service tables and other equipment, plus his implementation teams.But that is not the case, because their programs are different and overlap. “According to Krýzl, 15 to 20 percent of the union’s budget is covered, and roughly the same amount is contributed by the resort centers (the army and the interior). “The rest of the money must be made by the competitors themselves, either sponsored or with the help of their parents.If they do not, they omit some cups overseas, “says the head of the division.

The solution would be a big marketing partner for the entire representation. “But we can not get it yet.”

Tomáš Bank is the manager of the whole team. “I am trying to help Ester Ledecká and I mainly drive with her, but I am also working on a junior training group and also helping online betting bonuses Kryztof Kryzlov with speed disciplines.”

So he trained with men, for example, next to the Austrian and Swiss A-teams in Zermatt, while at a concentration camp in Chile Ester Ledecká tried high speed disciplines with Austrian women as well. “And it was quick,” says Bank.

He scored nine times in the World Cup, but his summer preparation limited the wounds. “Unfortunately, during the tennis in Zermatt, he was bored with ankle and could not concentrate on Chile,” says Bank and admits: “I played that short.” Now Krýzl coaches in Schnalstal and hopes he will manage on Sunday Solden’s first premiere.

The biggest revival of the male team is Jan Hudec, who returned from Canada to the native country and believes he will deal with long-term knee pain.

“At the same time, he has to sponsor money for really good high-speed training, which is not easy.If he was still running Ondra (Bank), Honza should make it much easier, “says Tomas Bank. Jan Hudec still in the Canadian jersey While Hudec wants to place a two-year medical break in the elite fifteen, another of the Czech representatives Ondřej Berndt is planning to: “Getting some Bodies in the World Cup would be great.” It strengthens the consciousness of good results from preparation in Chile.

it means to confirm the bet online Czech women.

For Sarka Strach it may – or may not be – be the last season of a career. Last year she was the fourth best slalom in the world, and this year she wants to fight for a small globe.

“She is in great comfort. I did not see her in such coolness, “Aleš Krýzl says. Season 12 will enter.He will then fight in the slalom for the top rung.

The other three Czechs in the eighteenth round of the season have also reached the end of the season with a slalom in Finnish Levi. . “For the first time five Czech women scored in the World Cup,” says coach Jan Dubovský, responsible for the women’s team. “They all managed to do it twenty times, ten times Sarka Strachová and ten times others.”

The others have in mind their daughter Martin Dubovská, Kateřina Pauláthová, Klára Křížová and Ester Ledecká. “This year the World Cup has three slalom, downhill and super G.It is also a positive fact that everyone avoided injuries, “Dubovský says. Each is prepared individually under the guidance of his coach, which is also given a different focus and program. While Šárka Strachová leads the Austrian Klaus Mayrhofer, the foreign coach has now also another representative of Gabriela Capová in the form of Bostjan Bozic from Slovenia. However, the Czechs occasionally meet in the preparatory period. “After Sölden, I should train with Šárka Strachová,” says Martina Dubovská .The original was her preparation this year in Chile, where she flew as a sparingpartner of the Virgin Islands.

“I was mentally disinterested in dealing with injuries or illness for five years,” she says. “This year I have been holding – and almost every discipline I have improved the world rankings.” In the context of improving fitness, she started to kickbox and hockey.

The goal for Dubovská, Pauláthová, Klara Křížová will be similar to the previous years: to score most often. In connection with the Ledeck coach, the Bank believes it could look to the top fifteen.

The Czech Republic is also confident that soon will host the World Cup.In Spindleruv Mlyn, slalom and giant slalom of women will be held in the poolympy season in March 2019.