Michalovce has the first points, ViOn is at home

Decided by: Kráľovič, ŽK: Turik, Nworah – Glavaš, Perišič, ČK: Školnik and Miloevich (Z. Moravce) both after the second yellow, 3385 spectators

MICHALOVCE. MFK Zemplín Michalovce scored the first prize in the Fortuna League and won the first three points in the table. In the 4th round the winners of František Šturm won the home stadium ViOn Zlaté Moravce 2: 1. Running:

The first upswing took care of Hamluzak in the 4th minute, with a direct kick from the close of the goalkeeper only.

On the other side, Mans pushed to the end of the 7th minute, but the situation did not change.Three minutes later the same player fired only to Kiru.

From a counterattack he was looking for Hamluzak Regali, but the michal striker did not have the centimeters to send the ball to the guests.

Michalovčanov could send Kunca to the lead after 13 minutes. Zemplín continued to offensive, Turik 22 minutes later he was about twenty meters away.

However, Danko has taken up four minutes later for the first goal in the home quarter.The ball bounced in the air and fired at least 25 meters across the road – 1: 0.

Three minutes before the end of the first Hamuľak left Raniloviča and the home was online sports betting bonus trying to raise the lead.

44 minutes later, Perišič left the center on the left and found Mance with a 1: 1 half.

By the second act, the Michalovčania players had one change in the game and they had the first chance. 60 minutes into the match, the visitors’ central line of defense had to look on as Regáli broke through, making the score 4 – 0.

Four minutes later he fouled in the middle of the Školnik playground and saw the red one after the second yellow card. A minute later, he burned Regali close to his left hand, but at 66.Minutes later he made a similar move and adjusted to 2: 1.

The home team was very close to scoring with a stunning view, 69 minutes into the game, but Turik was just as fast and passing the ball from the sidelines, after twisting his ankle with 72 minutes having been played.

The weakened guests did not get any chance and after a 1: 2 loss they reached the bottom of the fortunalig table.

In addition, Miloevich scored a red card after 87 minutes, after two unnecessary fouls within a few minutes.

On the other hand, the Michalovcans enjoyed the first victory in the highest Slovak competition and three points.

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