Another beautiful event

Good form Manchester United from the national competition, successfully succeeded the Red devils pass into the match European League Against St. Etienne, as evidenced by the final score 3: 0th The goals are all taken care of Zlatan Ibrahimović for which so this was the first hat-trick in a United jersey.

Guests filed yet sympathetic performance, but a bad ending deprives them of an important goal and an outdoor per week is so in retaliation awaits tremendously difficult task. The first half offered attractive football, on which both parties participated in a straightforward attacking the high number of players, but the only goal was still free-kick. Its architect was Zlatan Ibrahimović, who have first prayed out in the fourteenth minute the referee Královce foul penalty area just before St. Etienne and subsequently also with a significant gambling flowing Sportingbet sporting bet wall changed. Guests, however, soon collected in a goal Pranic not rattle and the rest of the half worked even better experience. Precious action Hamoumy, or Saiveta Monnet-Pacquette But to Sergio Romero and did not come in half so he could pay and status 2: 0 if lone Juan Mata in the face of keeper Ruffier performed better ending finish. Funny measuring forces continued even after the change of sides, the chances alternated chance and it was only a matter of time before the spectators at Old Trafford will also see another goal. Paul Pogba even after Blindově free-kick lifted his head only bar and alternating Roux on the other hand it in on a breakaway přeloboval vyběhnuvšího Romero too high, but fifteen minutes before the end the Reds already waited. The lucky scorer again became Zlatan Ibrahimović, who fell Unibet sport bet easy task doklepnout close ball into the open net due to the chaos in the defense of St. Etienne had done Shot cross Marcus Rashforda. Home is no intention to settle even with dvoubrankovým leadership and thanks to the unstoppable Ibrahimovic will finally have better starting positions in retaliation in France. The Swedish striker is in fact three minutes before the end of the defenders under pressure from his opponent fell to the ground and fought and his team was awarded a penalty, which subsequently turned himself – 3: 0 and the first hat-trick Ibrahimovićův best United. AS Rome had to unexpectedly easy playing with pets Villarreal and reprisal in the Eternal city has all the cards in their hands. Kept a clean sheet and, moreover, the Yellow Sportingbet free online bet Submarine thanks to a hat-trick Dzeko Abraham planted four goals. At El Madrigal stadium competed two very strong teams, which was predicted to be in the competition far. Home Villarreal urged the Italian AS Roma and both teams wanted to enjoy great football fans. While domestic cups are an experienced team of AS he is often spoken about his weak psyche when it comes to the Cup of Europe. Yellow Submarine is an Italian football good experience and today also used Italian Sansoneho that in Spain shows very good performance. In addition, there were of course Gaspar, Bakambu, Bruno Soriano and Musacchio with Castillejo. AS put Nainggolana, El Shaarawyho or Dzeko in attack, defensive trio embodied Fazio, and Rüdiger Manolas. AS in the introduction of nowhere and rushed home players rather leisurely combined. Yellow Submarine gradual passing occasionally disrupted swift counterattack Wolves like the one that at the last moment blocked Emerson returning Mateo Musacchio. Home also tried to fast breaks, especially when he seemed on the point of the dynamic duo Sansone and Bakambu. But a three-man defense of AS had these two express trains problems. After several inaccuracies Villarreal dropped into a simple procedure and with fast one-touch recordings came to the lime AS. There he directed the ball Samu Castillejo, who sent a good blow just over the crossbar Alissonovy gate! Another passport for Edin Džeko went into the match, but only until the moment when it blocked Jaume Costa. Villarreal almost went practiced signal to Gaspar, who headed just Alisson. Just like on the other side Džeko, who tricked his head just Asenjo. Neither Asenjo already but not enough for another blow Emerson. Young Brazilian first started action on the side, then robbed of the ball, hesitating Castilleja and eventually the whole event ended. No one could think of it, so Emerson headed accurate shot to the stick – 1: 0th At the end of the first half again repeated duel between Emerson and Asenjo, but this time he experienced goalkeeper domestic advised. Immediately after changing sides crocheted Bakambu Wolves defense, but eventually it neuháčkoval – headed narrowly over. Another beautiful event Villarreal ended a header Maria Gaspar, against which great works performed Sportingbet bet online goalkeeper Alisson. Yellow Submarine but she Sportingbet online betting promotions sensed a chance and increasingly surfaced in lime Romans. I therefore was deployed Mohamed Salah, who replaced the tired El Shaarawyho.